Pluton The Rebate Coin

Pluton the Rebate coin
Pluton is a next generation contactless payment system that aims to make Bitcoin payments accessible for everyday purchases by connecting the Blockchain technology with traditional payment infrastructure, where it empowers users to make contactless payments with Bitcoin at over 32 million NFC-enabled merchants by proxy. Users simply send bitcoin to the app and start making contactless payments

Plutons tokens are issued to users on the Ethereum blockchain, these are native to the Plutus app. These tokens are similar to cash back or frequent flier miles. As a user, you will automatically be rewarded with a 3%* rebate in Plutons for every Bitcoin deposit you make towards a purchase.

You receive a 3%* rebate in Plutons for every conversion you make.
Conversions to fiat are free when topping up your contactless balance with Plutons.
Plutons have the advantage of instant transactions on deposits.
Plutons are awarded automatically by an Ethereum smart contract and run on a decentralised network rather than a centralised server.

Pluton balances can be held and accessed directly from the Plutus app.
Do we actually have any coin that offers rebate? What Pluton is trying to do is unique. They still have some way to go. I think we should keep a close watch.

Web address

Pluton can be stored in myetherwallet
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Pluton can be traded at Liqui and Hitbtc


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