Review: Tradesatoshi, A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Is Growing Stronger

Review: Tradesatoshi, A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Is Growing Stronger

Trade Satoshi is a cryptocurrency exchange from United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2015. It allows buying or selling Bitcoin and Altcoin. It also facilitates crypto trading. When tradesatoshi was launched, people were a bit sceptical about its operation, This was further fuelled by the downtime of over 24hrs without notice experienced in November 2016. Making some to label it as a scam.

However the problem was resolved, and business continued as usual. With time tradesatoshi continued to gain popularity. Let’s look at some of its features.

A major features of tradesatoshi is high security: DDoS that helps to resist any attack lrotecting the server, and contributing to uptime stability.

The security of wallet They have cold storage facility i.e. private keys are generated by the server and stored in offline mode. This secures the currency from any vulnerable attacks from the viruses.

Two-factor authentication (2fa) which works in in conjuction with Google authenticator. QR code is generated for every account, which is scanned with Google authenticator. Furthermore, Live backups are taken and wallets are encrypted.

The servers for the exchange are fast and work on DDoS mitigation. DDoS resist any DOS attack on the server and mitigate its effect. Thus, it helps in protecting the server and contributes to uptime stability.

Other features one can find on the site are; Faucet column where users can earned or claim faucets.

There is a voting system that gives users a platform to submit their new coins. Upon the submitted coins, a person can vote on its most preferred coin.

While they claim to provide full assistance to its customer by responding to their queries 24*7, there have been series of complain that customer service reponse is poor. This they need to improve upon.

There is also the need to update customers promply when there are bugs or issues. Though those that came up lately have been fixed, and customers that complained have also been sorted out.

Besides these, the exchange have continued to grow from strength to strength.

The website interface is nice and easy to navigate. You can visit tradesatoshi at Tradesatosh.i – Home


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