Help2get Is Better Than Mmm, Mmmunited And Giversforum

Lols, these days, they are just emerging from thin air and circulating anywhere they can find space. Well, I just want to update you on the latest there is among the massive investment programs we have these days. This one is called help2get.

They want to make it clear that in order to get help, you’ll have to help someone!
Anyway, that’s what they said and here’s more on what they have to say.

About Help2Get


Help2Get Is a community currency exchange system that helps its members gain financial protected through peer to peer help offer or assistance in a form of donation or assistance.
In Help2Get, members only donate among themselves and receive more profit just by simply offering help to another member as well as get help in return from another member as well. You offer help to an individual in the HELP2GET and in return your benevolence is rewarded by another member offering you help higher than what you provided earlier.
HELP2GET is NEITHER a Pyramid nor PONZI scheme. We help individuals to be 100% in control of their assets and uniform the wealth that exist within the community as Transfers take place among private individuals who are part HELP2GET.
Remember, Private Donations from one individual to the other are PERFECTLY LEGAL
HELP2GET do not take money from any member nor banks users money, rather we carry out extensive monitor of activities for effective and smooth operation. We only administer the process among member. Our main aim is to end poverty and empower one another
As you already know, banks are supposed to be a source of financial help for their depositors, but in today’s world that rarely happens. Without perfect credit and a large income, banks don’t want anything to do with you.
HELP2GET is a community where individuals can offer financial help and in return get help financially higher than what they provided.
With a decentralized payment method, we offer a totally independent service for members
The philosophy is simple, HELP someone today, GET helped by someone tomorrow

Signing up for an account on Help2Get
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Tested And Trusted!

Here’s How Help2Get Works

The whole process can be simplified as below. Providing and getting help videos will still be released later. Meanwhile here is an overview of the whole process in Help2Get!

  1. Register an account
  2. Login to your H2G account
  3. Click on “Payment details and enter account details for your earnings
  4. Click on “Provide Help” and select the plan convenient for you.
  5. Wait until system assigns you a member you will Provide help to.
  6. Then, you will see details appear in your dashboard under “Provide Help”
  7. Make payment to the user account details provided by selecting payment method and upload proof of payment and send to user.
  8. After user confirms your payment proof, depending on the plan selected, wait for 24 to 48 hours and click on “Claim” to Get Help.
  9. Your claimed amount will appear under Available GH,
  10. Then you click on Get Help, immediately someone will be assigned to credit your account.


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