It’s Money O’clock As Thelasthyip Rises From Realwaparz! God Is With Us!

First of all, we thank God for arrival of Thelasthyip! You should say a word of prayer for this platform by realwaparz, for all good people. [seriously:rolleyes:]

Since the idea of a realwaparz HYIP, one which will not crash by God’s grace was born, things have been different for me and basically everyone involved. Even the developers have had little rest if any. ;)

Well, now, she’s alive!
You can check it out @ :p


We will notify you when you can start registering.

From the initial stage, realwaparz and a lot of other people who truly understands what HYIP really is and how it functions as well as how it mostly ends Have been skeptical about the idea of a realwaparz HYIP and how it may affect Jackobian in the future.

We intend to do things differently and last as long as we have loyal members. Hence, Realwaparz HYIP will last only as long as WE the users wants it to last and this by the grace of God, is going to be really long, really long, long enough to develop into something that won’t be able to crash BY GOD’S GRACE.

Hence, we the Admins will do our best to make sure that the structure of the website is strong to bear what’s coming and unforseen events by carefully tuning the Deposit plans and such Internal issues.

Also, we all as users of have our own duty of being loyal parts of this system, inviting new people to join and not being GREEDY.
Yes, greed is the only way by which we can crash and we hope to eliminate it or at least reduce it to the minimum.

Yes, we will make money, yes, but Gradually! ;)

That’s what differenciates us from other HYIPS. All members will make money but not the normal 100% in 2 days. :cool:

It can take as much as a month to earn as much money as you invested in Thelasthyip and the reason is clear. :)

However, there are different plans that will ensure that tangible sums of money is obtainable from Thelasthyip while still maintaining the longevity of our HYIP!

Yeah, we don’t have much funds anyway as Thelasthyip is sharing the Hosting package meant for alone and will in the future move to its on private home for more stability and to serve better!
So, we will definitely go offline few weeks or months from now BUT ONLY FOR A FEW MINUTES DURING WHICH THE WEBSITE WILL BE MOVED TO A SUITABLE HOST.

I humbly request your patience at such moments and urge you to always remember that
This HYIP is created with Students, realwaparz, Nigerians, Africa and the world at large in mind and we are dedicated to making it work at the cost of everything we can sacrifice!
So, don’t panic, chill and let us do the work because we can’t allow the efforts of fellow students or anyone at all to go to waste.
Besides, God’s on our side so we have nothing to worry about.

Lastly, I want to ask one thing of you.

What are your suggestions about Thelasthyip?
You can suggest anything including the payment plan [rates]

What are your tips?

What will you like us to implement?

What should we avoid?



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