Peer Funding – (Get 30% within 2-10 Days) Registration & Login

Yes! Peer Funding it is!

As the name implies PeerFunding is a crowd funding, fund raising community.

Is that all?

No… Chill, you will understand it very well.

Peer funding

Peer Funding Nigeria is like Donation Hub but somehow different but uses the same ideology.

Let’s say you have N50,000 and you have a project to fund which is N60,000+ , you can go to the website, fund someone project and wait to be funded within 2-10 days plus 30% interest.

This is better than those 48 hours schemes that promises to double your money overnight.

About PeerFunding

Official Website –>

Birth Date –> 8th February, 2017 (According to WHOIS)

Peer Funding (Review) – How does it work?

  • You register (click here to register)
  • After Registration, you are given free $10 as a member.
  • You don’t provide help here, you fund someone’s project by donating to the person’s bank account and requesting for payment confirmation, you will also be paired with someone who will fund your project by donating to you.
  • You get $15 referral bonus, it will be available when your downline donates to someone, and it will be available for withdrawal when you create a project to receive donation.

Peer Funding is really cool to try out…

Wait… Know these things

  1. The donation list is released from 12AM – 7PM
  2. The List is released at 1 hour interval… Example when a list is released around 12AM it will be removed after 5 mins which it will be released again around 1PM.
  3. You have to be fast and have a strong internet connection because many people are trying to make donation at the same time.
  4. The donation list only lasts for 5mins, which you won’t be able to reserve someone, you have to wait till the next list.
  5. The donation currency is in Dollar, you can make payment in Naira –> $1 is N500 , all you do is multiply the amount by 500, that’s what you will pay to the person.
  6. How to donate, click fund project in the menu and select the amount you are capable of paying in the list.
  7. Read the facts above and you won’t encounter problem using the platform

Peer funding registration

Yes, there is a WhatsApp group created by Cyberwaver for this platform.

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The WhatsApp group is meant for you to ask questions or answer questions concerning Peer Funding.

The Group is meant for those that registers with the link in this article, I will be notified of your registration using my link.

How do I Join the Group

The WhatsApp group link will be sent to the phone number you used in registering for peer funding. You can simply use that link to join the WhatsApp group.

Here is how to register

Peer Funding Registration

Click this link to register,

Then click register on the page, you should see “Cyberwaver” in the sponsor box, don’t change it, if you do, I won’t be able to send the WhatsApp group chat link to you. Leave Cyberwaver there and continue with the registration.

An activation link will be sent to your mailbox which you have to click the link in the mail to activate your account.

Peer Funding Login

Click this link to login to your account


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