Premium Wealth Organization [PMW] – Register & Get 60% in 21 Days (LOGIN)

Have you heard of Premium Wealth Organization [PMW Nigeria] ??

Premium Wealth Organization

Guess you don’t…

Its the latest mutual aid platform created to increase your earnings.

Premium Wealth Organization (Review) – How does it really work?

It is a mutual aid platform where a member willingly declare the Willingness to provide help and get 60% interest when requesting to get help.

Official Birthdate –> 6th February, 2016

Official Web Address –> PremiumWealth.Org

Minimum PH —> N5,000

Maximum PH –> N500,000

Premium wealth organisation is an establishment set up by a team of experienced individuals with the sole aim of distributing wealth across members through peer to peer donations

Premium wealth offers you 60% of your initial donation in 21 days plus additional registration bonus on start up.

After making a pledge, you are expected to wait for a duration of 10-15 days before you will be paired to make payment after which you only wait for the completion of 21days before you will be able to withdraw supported with a recommitment.

We also have good support system which you can interact with here on our platform, facebook page and also via our support emails.

sign up and Registration

To become a full time member in our organisation, you are expected to register for an account by filling up the required information using the registration form after which an activation link will be sent to your email for final account activation.

After activating your account, you will be given a trust score of 60% which you are expected to maintain as a member.

Referrals and Bonus

Premium wealth also supports referral commissions.

Members are awrded with a 10% commission from any donation made by a referred member.


Members are allowed to withdraw their accumulated earnings from the 21st day of opening a donation transaction..

Premium Wealth Registration

Here is how to register

On the registration form page…

Names –> Input your names

Email –> Input your email address

Mobile Number –> Input your phone number

Create password –> Input your desired password

Repeat Password –> Input the same password

Referral Email –> Use

Click this link to go to registration page

Premium Wealth Login

Click here to login

There is a WhatsApp Group for Premium Wealth Created by Cyberwaver

To be added to the premium WhatsApp group, you should use as referral email for your phone number to be shown to us…

My Premium Wealth Progress Stat…

I have registered and I have provided help which I am waiting for 10 to 15 days to be matched.

I am still testing Premium Wealth and I hope it works.

Some will be like let me wait for Cyberwaver to test before investing…

Although its a wise decision anyways, but why don’t you wanna be among the first set?

The first set enjoys… C’mon let’s sail together…

Gat Questions please use the comment box..


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