Baba Tee’s 2nd marriage has crashed

Nollywood actor, Babatunde Bernard Tayo popularly referred to as Baba Tee’s 2nd marriage has crashed.

His wife, Dupe Odulate confirmed the news moments ago in an Instagram post to celebrate her birthday where she said, ‘myself and Baba Tee are no more together’.

Baba Tee's 2nd marriage has crashed lailasnews 4
Baba Tee’s 2nd marriage has crashed

Baba Tee went on one knee back in December 2015 when he proposed to Dupe just a few weeks after his first marriage to his UK based lover, Yetunde Bustline Oduwole crashed.

Baba Tee’s 2nd marriage has crashed

Dupe Odulate, however made the revelation about the crashed marriage on social media where she apologized to all those she must have offended for his sake.

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She wrote:

Dear Lord, condemn those that condemns me secretly and openly….
Walk in my shoes ,know what I go through before you judge me….
Apologies to those that I have offended because of this guy…Now I understand better…🙏🙏🙏
Life goes on , I cannot come and die🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️
Be a man and say the truth”

The reason behind the crashed marriage between Baba Tee and Dupe Odulate whom is not yet known.


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