Dear Buhari, Nigeria Is Not a Daycare — Open Letter To Buhari

Dear Buhari, Nigeria Is Not a Daycare — Open Letter To Buhari

Dear Buhari, Nigeria Is Not a Daycare — Open Letter To Buhari

Dear Buhari, now that you can take pictures and smile(though the smiles aren’t exactly beautiful), can you picture Nigeria and Nigerians?
What do you see? A round ball of chaos rolling down a valley of oblivion?

An extended family with the adults building sand castles and playing ten-ten while the children stand akimbo philosophising about age.


This box that your administration shoved Nigerians into isn’t the box you promised when you traveled from state to state shouting change like a passenger reminding a conductor of his or her change.
Your administration has made many who believed in you to shout ‘Kai Baba’ instead of the prior ‘Sai Baba’.

People who believed in you are suffering political constipation right now– they have eaten their words and such words can’t digest.
I am not one of them that wished you death. Not as if wishing you death will work or wishing you well will heal you. No. Que Cera Cera. What will be will be despite human appeal and nagging.
All I want from you is your resignation. Please, resign. You are the coach of this country. You had plans and strategies that you felt would work but it didn’t. Accept defeat.
Nigeria FC is sliding down a grease pole to relegation. You have coached us for few seasons and we haven’t won any trophy. Almost everything has eluded us.
Our economy is a dumpsite.

The Judiciary is on life support.

The legislative arm of government seems amputated.
The executive arm of the government are executive disappointments.

It was in this tenure that a minister said that he didn’t expect the falcons to win the trophy.

You have turned this space to a place where the world would turn to when depressed. This place is funny. A joke. Little wonder everybody is a comedian on instagram.
Just yesterday you were feautured on CNN. Fareed the anchor of the GPS show asked in trivia question the president that haven’t set his foot home for over two months.
Resignation is a noble step. Though, nobility is a far cry in Nigeria. Pretend to be Noble. Just resign.

You will not regret it at all. I promise.
You should have the interest of this place at heart and not the interest of any propaganda.

The first time you ruled Nigeria, I wasn’t born yet. In fact my father was a serious bachelor somewhere in the east.
Now, his son is an unserios bachelor and you are still leading Nigeria.

How does this work exactly? Recycling leaders like waterproof and plastic.
I am angry. Every innocent Nigerian is angry. This is not why Jesus died on the cross.

This is not why Allah came to earth. For a president to leave his seat and run outside for treatment that is taking forever.
You need rest. You are way too old to be brainstorming about Nigerians and all that affects them. Ideally, all people your age should be thinking about is how to relax and eat good food while watching cartoons. Relishing your childhood and youthfulness.
You have completed the cycle of being human. You have gone back to being a child as a result of old age.

Nigeria is not a day care.

Please resign.
The young people are losing their minds to the daily dose of frustration coming from the aso rock. It’s as if we subscribed to a newsletter strictly to remind us that we are doomed in this space!
Nothing is working.
This is not time to sound optimistic and positive. No matter how you sing songs of positivity to negativity, it cannot dance. It has ego. A serious ego.
Nigeria is a ball of negativity. Any positivity channeled towards it will boomerang.

President General Buhari, please, resign. For your own good and that of Nigeria if you truly care about this country.
If you don’t care, keep doing long distance relationship with us. Be cheating on Nigerian with Britain. We are almost getting used to it.
I anticipate your reply.
Warmest regards.
Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu.


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