How To Become Dangerous

How To Become Dangerous

Males of today garner very little respect from their peers.  They have been exposed to meticulous programming their entire lives to drill even the slightest pretensions of aggression out of them.

They are not dangerous.

As a result children despise them, their women mock and insult them without consequence and are otherwise insufferable to be around.

You let this happen.
You let this happen.

The modern male gets zero respect because he poses no dangerous threat to anyone.

Today a male must become a vicious savage in order to survive the incoming rapes and assaults furiously being shotgunned into your bitch ass safe spaces.

This transformation requires a dangerously freeing change in the way you view yourself and everyone else.

Most people living today in western civilization are so detestably weak that they boisterously allow foreign invaders to come into their lands, fuck their women, stay in their homes and violently rip apart any remaining fabric of civilized life in their communities.  

One need only look at Western Europe to get a sobering glimpse of the absolutely weakest fucking cuckolds in the modern world.

I have zero pity for them and earnestly hope every pussified male there suffers the miserable expiration they have been chanting for within their disgusting baby killing death cult known as modern liberalism.

What I’m about to show you is, impossible to put into words how pathetic this person is.

A man who gets raped by a foreign invader and is sad his rapist will be deported.

Europe, if the bloated, pasty majority of your males are this indoctrinated it is safe to say you are fucking done.

Any males born of that soil who are not fighting like a shroomed out viking berserker to escape that vomitous pit of hell deserve to be consumed by the hellish flames of history’s pitiless condemnation.

Burn your fag house down.
Burn your fag house down.

The paper thin veil of polite society is gleefully and maniacally being pulled away from the listless eyes of these inferior genetic specimens and the ruthlessly savage reality of life is literally hacking their god damn heads off with genocidal joy.

So you can either become a savage or get slaughtered by one and/or become a fuckboy for one.

Choose now.  Become Savage.

What choice do you really have?  Most of you living in the crumbling west are just apathetic husks slumbering while you walk holding handheld entertainment one thumb tap away while you slobber over an overly stimulated flesh sack of rotund gluttony.

Yet the sparkling media you consume at nearly every moment is loudly proclaiming that you white males cause more terror than radical islamists.

You are the real problem and so you must accept your replacements with the defeated calm of a guilt ridden conscience that deserves death for crimes you never committed.

Think about that for a moment.

The modern emasculated male has no other choice but to morph into a lethally dangerous,  absolute SAVAGE.

Now one of the foundation pillars that build a savage life is the Death Ground Principle.

This is the mindset you must mercilessly train yourself to embrace upon waking every day.

In Robert Greene’s  The 33 Strategies Of War, one of the laws that echoed inside with reverberating immediacy was to put yourself on death ground so there was no other way you could fail.

To become immeasurably dangerous you must close the escape doors to your brightest ambitions and hatefully collapse the hidden holes you might slither like a worm down to feel safe and secure.  

Stand on the most dangerous ground.  Stand on Death Ground.

No retreat. No surrender.
No retreat. No surrender.

This law is so powerful that great scholars of war and strategy tumbling down through the unsparing ages of time shouted it’s power through the written word and it calls out to every man still.  This law is in effect for man as long as he draws breath.

In Sun Tzu’s The Art of War he spoke of the death ground strategy where an army who found itself backed into a corner with no possibility of escape would fight like ravenous wolves with glittering fangs and sharpened claws to rend and mutilate their enemies.  He estimated that the army on death ground will fight with three times the spirit of any other army.

That kind of army is a ridiculously dangerous threat even to much larger forces.

 The will to live is the strongest desire there is.

Sun Tzu would strategically place units on death ground where victory was of the utmost importance.

You have this inside.  The savage blood of your ancestors lays dormant in you.  

Can you awaken this thundering torrent?

Those who came before you whose name you bear suffered the cold indifference of a cruel world where a heartless bitch, mother nature sacrificed the weak on her unforgiving altar.

Whether through tumultuous storms, enduring famine, devouring pestilence or rapacious war your ancestors were not weak.  They survived.

They did whatever it took and you are here now because of that.

Don’t you ever fucking forget that shit.

At any moment your pathetic lives could be plucked from this finite earth and the black halls of eternal shame will be your new tomb of suffering while nightmarish echoes of the past vibrate insidiously.

Or you can accept the truth and awaken today.

Whether you accept it or not.  You are on death ground.

I have known for a long time that the only kind of person in this world whom I never want to intentionally provoke or even associate with is someone who has nothing to lose.

The person on death ground has the savage spirit of his ancestors surging forward in violent aggression.  He will not go quietly into that long night.

Never engage with someone on death ground unless you are prepared to go all the way.

But train your own mind to embrace the shimmering light of defiance inside the animating force of immanent and decisive action.  The death ground principle gives you ferocious power.  Through training you can manifest this at will and also turn it off when needed.

Every time you wake from sleep meditate on your death.  Put this question to yourself daily.

What if I died today?

Visualize places you have to go to like work or school and imagine a scenario where you are in a life or death situation.  Preferably one in which you have to fight or die.

You close your eyes and see yourself frozen in time before you are about to be killed teetering on the fringes of reality.  You watch as your familiar world fades to everlasting black.  Before you cross the abyss you stare blankly into it’s empty darkness.

Focus for a moment and begin to see the faint but visible flame.

Gaze intently with inner unblinking eyes.

dark flame


The Righteous Fire of the will to power still glows in the darkness.

Hold your eyes steady and peer into the flame.

Reach out and grab it with your right hand.

Bring your hand to your navel and look down.

Feel the heat absorbing into you with blooming rage and savage purpose.

You allow it to utterly consume you and see yourself as a pillar of flame radiating from within and enveloping you entirely like a bursting conflagration.  

See yourself inside

Now in your visualization you open your eyes and with primal ferocity you snap to violent action beating, crushing and brutally destroying whatever is threatening your right to live, whatever is impeding you from accomplishing your ultimate goals.

Visualize different places and situations and allow yourself to experience the emotions you would feel in these scenarios.  Do not run in fear from powerful emotions.  Embrace them.

Make a challenge to do these visualizations every day for at least a week. Each time imagine more intently.  Describe the flame in more details and how it feels to burn inside with dangerous power and unstoppable fury.

Use the power of visualization to put yourself on death ground when you wake every day and you will move through your life with fearsome power.

Cultivate this power and treat it with calculated respect.  Use it to overcome anything that stands in your way.

Let history remember you as a man who was respected and feared.  The kind of man who was extremely dangerous.

A Savage Man.

For history has little memory of weakness and only then it is to starkly remind the glorious survivors of what not to do.




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