I want to reiterate that this is directed towards males.  Getting your way as a girl is rather straight forward and easy.  Just use your sex appeal.

Males raised today on the soylent green spam of propagandized technology have no real power on any level to change themselves, much less the wider world around them.  They can never seem to reach the carrot dangling just out of reach from their grubby fingers.  The effeminate male is in a constant state of seeking and yet never finding.  His path is in circles and one thing is a certainty.


The fact that he even survives now is a manufactured miracle designed by the Corporate-State complex to keep him where they want him.

As a pathetic pack mule locked away and forgotten while the rest of the animals have their fun time.  When they come back from frolicking around in laughter and destroying everything.  You mister pack mule are expected to clean up all the shit and numerous items they OOPS, destroyed at fun time.

Aren’t you the responsible one who does the good little boy pack-mule job? 

Yea!  That’s you. 

Come on outta that pen and clean this up boy.

With slouched backs and beaten souls you do what you’re told.  At best you hope to slither along unnoticed while some other mule gets picked out to clean up everyone’s mess.



Think about specific people and think about the things you want.




I am going to lead you down a path that will change everything.

How do I know this?

Because it changed everything for me.  The only question is how bad do you WANT it?

If it’s isn’t literally gnawing at you like a beast under your skin and you don’t know where to scratch then get lost

DO NOT continue unless you feel the intense heat of your desires and the obligation to yourself of demanding the world open it’s welcoming legs and give you what the FUCK you want before you TEAR THIS BITCH APART.

You don’t get what you want because you don’t ask, much less demand for the shit you want and you’re too scared to establish boundaries.

No one is going to magically care about your needs or benevolently fulfill those wants if they don’t have a clear and immediate reason to do so.

There is a clear path that a masculine male takes when dealing with others.  It allows him to be in control of his environment and also varying degrees of control over others.

Often people don’t know what you want because you don’t say it.  More importantly you often don’t know what YOU want out of a given interaction.  This is because you are not accustomed to putting your needs/wants first.

What biologically should come very natural has been conditioned out of you.

The way to change this is simple.

give me now



If you don’t know how to be demanding or what to ask for it is very simple.


You demand first at bare minimum to be treated as an equal.

You demand that others do what they fucking say WHEN they say they are gonna do it and you never back down.

You demand the respect you deserve as a man and the expected fear of consequences to those who cross your boundaries.  Accept nothing less than complete and total recognition of your right to stand on your own two god damn feet. 

Often making people verbalize these things and other words like it is an aggressive method of control and imposing of your frame on them.

They cannot openly reject such statements because they will not go against the everyone is equal mantra.

Now start demanding things from others. 


The purple pokemon. NOW TRICK.
The purple pokemon. NOW BITCH.

You do this to see what they will give you for free.  Weak people do not value themselves and thus do not value any items they possess.  Sometimes by simply giving soft commands to give you things will result in them doing exactly that!

Now you have conditioned them. 

When someone is conditioned enough they can achieve levels of predictability seen in something akin to Pavlov’s dogs.

It is very easy to do this when talking to females.

When I say females I don’t just mean biological females but the average gelded male also.  Their behaviors are too similar to denote separate classifications anymore.

Start by having them hold a pen, phone, etc while you go somewhere, anywhere for a few minutes.  Come back and reward them with verbal encouragement for completing the task you gave them.  The key is to  be constantly putting them in positions of doing things for you and then you rewarding them with the most palatable tidbits of verbal candy which can also progress to physical.  For example a pat on the head is a sign of strong dominance.

You must find the right times to press the gas on this and the right times to apply the brakes.

As you progress, there should be more meaningful tasks they are completing for you and also more displays of meaningful rewards you give back.  Each time they are more invested in the frame you have set and with each completed task you gain more leverage and power over a person as their Master.  Once they become conditioned to you as their taskmaster, they will receive a dopamine rush for accomplishing the goals you set for them……like finish the work you need done and bring the items you request within a time window that suits you.

If the female does not comply there needs to be clear disapproval and you MUST show through punishment, failing to comply results in firm and immediate consequences.  Since all living things tend to seek equilibrium, causing them chaos is a perfect way to confuse and punish those who don’t want to play ball.

With the fragility of the modern fe-male this is amateurishly easy to accomplish. 

This is something you should apply at all levels of your life. 


Master/Slave Dichotomy

It was Aristotle that said a common theme among men was that their natural state, is one of slavery.

Many who have freedom are actually slaves.

There are many who seem to be born slaves and die slaves as well.

Few are born Masters and precious few can break the slave chains around their neck and truly become a master of himself and others.

Freedom and Mastery are intertwined. 

You must understand the Master/Slave dichotomy and always be striving to reach mastery.  Never allow yourself to adopt slavish habits or negative thought patterns but exploit the fragile structure’s when you encounter them in others.  Knowing that slavery is the natural state of many men, it is not then a problem to make them your slave.

Now a Master is someone who brings Order and Purpose into a seemingly chaotic and meaningless world.

He is the Bright Shore you anchor your dreams upon.

The safe harbor you hide your deepest hopes in. 

The Master is the conjurer of your reality.


He can do horrible things or beautiful things.  One thing is certain. 

hooded master

When he moves it affects everyone within his sphere.

He is a weaver of fates and a world unto Himself.

To the weak this sounds like narcissism but to the strong it is their living template.

They are the strong. 

Of course they demand. 

And the weak gratefully give.  For what is not valued is given away for free.

Harness this knowledge and allow it to grow within you. 

Internalize the techniques here and apply them daily within your life.  Treat everything in life as a test.

Use all of your senses and soak up all the energy around you.


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