Nairaland: How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum

Nairaland: How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum

We all know how valuable dofollow links are to search engines; and getting to links from high profile sites to ours are a bonus to our SEO campaign. Today you will understand How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum.


What is a Backlink and how does it affect SEO?

A Backlink is a link of reference pointing back to your website or webpage; either due to high importance and relevancy or  for detailed redirection. Understanding backlinks are the key to a successful SEO campaign in any form. Do you want to beat your competitors at ranking?you need backlinks; if you want a better rank at the Search Engine Result Pages {SERPs} you need backlinks; probably you want to have a high Domain authority and Page authority {DA & PA} you need backlinks. You do realise how useful it is to get backlink from sites, not only does it prove your contents relevant in SERPs, it also boosts your Alexa rank status. And knowing How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum will contribute very much.

So, now you are really anxious about this and you want to jump into making backlinks but NOnot all backlinks are good to your site. So I will rate exactly how backlinks are seen by Search Engines:

  • Relevancy
  • Uniqueness
  • Quality
  • Site’s Relativeness
  • Linking site’s quality

We will head onto how you can get a high quality PR4 backlink from Nigeria’s most popular forum Nairaland.

About Narialand and it’s Importance in terms of linking

How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum
Nigeria’s most popular forum, we will discuss how you can get dofollow backlink from nairaland forum

Founded by Seun Osewa in March 2005 (12 yrs ago), the forum has grown to become the country’s largest in terms of membership and activeness. Ranging from different categories like entertainment, health, sports, internet and all other categories being discussed on the site. It is ranked on alexa as the 7th most visited site in Nigeria also reportedly having 55 million internet users.

There ranges between different topics discussed on the forum like:

  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Computer technology
  • Business

and more other useful topics.

Now you can use nairaland forum to gain backlinks, connect with others, get good traffic to your website, find opportunities, have fun and much more.

So probably if you are a member of the forum and you have not gained this benefits then you have to surely start gaining them.

Previously I gave a flash back on backlinks and I want to believe that if you don’t create them properly then you are harming your site on the long run. Now you might be wondering: “How then do I do it right”? Simple, if you know Perfect way to build backlinks safely then you are good to go.

More things to know about Nairaland forum

Nairaland has much categories so most times we see blogs related to health, finance, gaming, relationships, and other niches giving it dofollow backlink back to it’s homepage.

This is a major ranking factor for nairaland and using it wisely can get you benefits. Try and publish a minimum 20 words article on nairaland, publish it and see how well it will rank on search engines. This is because of the high percentage of backlinks it gets from this domains we spoke about, they all give it authority by linking to it.

Ensure you get the best out of Nairaland especially the front page (homepage). But the sad and good news about it is that due to it being a social site; we usually see more engagement on gossips post, internet hacks, latest musics and movies; you will even rarely see any health article or SEO article on homepage; therefore a site like mine will be find it hard linking from the homepage without spam; being an entertainment blogger (if you are) seize the chance and get a pr4 dofollow backlink from nairaland.

The algorithm

The forum has an algorithm that sorts out most active articles to display on homepage and that is one we shall be aiming to get a dofollow link from. Also lots of blogs especially Nigerian blogs link to the homepage; blogs like Lindaikeji blog, bella naija, gossipmill, naijaloaded; and even tech sites are all linking to it in order to tell their readers the where they got the awareness of their blog post. Run a scan on this sites and you will see that they are having a great SEO profile and rank themselves; therefore getting dofollow backlink from nairaland is even very important for us to get. The forum’s homepage has higher percent of dofollow links compared to nofollow links making it’s authority high.

Some terms you should know


Before jumping into the forum and spamming it to death with links *LoL* I would want to explain few things. You might have heard about Dofollow backlink, Nofollow backlinks and even link juice. Good, we will make use of those so that you do the necessary thing in the right way.

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1. Link juice 

How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum
The very infographic about link juice summing the whole process of authority inheritance

Just as it sounds to you, “JUICE” it means there is a flow of sweetness along with it. Link juice refers to the passing of link authority, relevance and profile by a web page to another web page. Now it is the main factor why your Domain authority or page authority increases; and also why you rank well on a particular keyword. Getting link juice from authority domains is the main goal in our SEO here and the best way to get it is through dofollow links; therefore, our main aim is to get Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum.

2. Dofollow Backlink

In a previous article, I explained that dofollow links are passed to your webpage by allowing search engines to crawl them from the linking site. When nairaland gives you a dofollow backlink, on the next crawl by Search spiders to nairaland, they will find a path that leads to your website and crawl to your website. In the process they will index your site freshly thereby improving your SEO profile. Below is exactly how a dofollow backlink format is

<a href=””>Keyword</a>

Note that all hyperlinks by default is Dofollow but it is proper to use your keywords in the anchor text when getting a dofollow backlink from Nairaland as this will help to improve your rank better.

3. Nofollow Backlink

The exact opposite of dofollow backlinks, nofollow backlinks serve exactly no importance to any web page it links to. You know why? Unlike dofollow, search bots and spiders don’t have access to crawl and index a nofollow link; It is just like a closed door to them. No link juices are passed and no authority is being given, it is just blank. So you should be knowledgeable that nofollow links have no importance at all. Below is exactly how a dofollow backlink format is

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Keyword</a>

Successfully you have understood nofollow, dofollow and link juice meaning and uses. Lets hit the real deal on How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum.

How to Get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum

Follow this procedures carefully and you would be smiling in a week when your rank is updated.

Depending on how you want the backlink from nairaland forum, it could either be passed to your webpage or your website but I rather recommend you pass it to your website’s homepage to increase your Domain authority.

So lets begin the process to get dofollow backlink from nairaland forum…

Making a Nairaland profile

How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum
Edit your profile properly and fill in necessary details before proceeding

If you are a already a member of the forum then good but if you are yet to be then do so first before proceeding.

First head down to Nairaland forum and register. You can do so here: Nairaland Signup.

Now after registration you won’t want to look like a bot so better set up your profile properly before posting links.

This profile tweaks could be:

  • Your E-mail address: (your preferred email account);
  • Birthday: (your date of birth);
  • Gender: (are you a male or female?);
  • Personal text: (your profession, hobby or your brand);
  • Signature: (a quote);
  • Picture: (your preferred profile image);
  • Location: (State, Country);

Those above are the most important details to setup. You can now comment normally on 5 articles and then start commenting with links to get pr4 dofollow backlink from nairaland henceforth.


The backlinking phase

How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum
The whole bomb process, exactly how you can get the backlink setup, write something really related to the article and comment on it with a link to your homepage

Now most importantly, you won’t want to just head to any article on Nairaland and input your link… No, that is going to be a huge mistake. Rather we will prevent mistakes and look for an article with high SEO profile on nairaland; but hold on… why should we even do that??? It will be time wasting; but the easy way out is lets link from an article on the homepage. Yes that is the best way to find articles on nairaland forum with good SEO.

So sort out any article from the homepage just like you see below.

How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum
Exactly what you need to get links from to your site; this is the nairaland homepage with most popular articles based on algorithm
What to do next….

Now it is necessary the article you will be commenting with link from is related to your blog niche; Google and other search engines are very strict in punishing sites that get backlinks from unrelated niche sites. In the foremost law, we should know that the search bots discover that a web page relates to another with a link if they are both similar; and that is why we should always get a link back from related sites.

Now select an article on the homepage, it could be related to you website’s niche either technology; entertainment; health; business; E.T.C. Click it and make sure to read through the main article itself, very important; because you will be making a comment that is in relation with the post and also including a link to it. The bonus part of it is that, when you make a useful comment, you won’t only get a backlink but also get traffic. People will click your link if your comment is useful to find out more on what you have said. So when you get Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum try to make it fancy to also get the traffic.

So let’s summarize this section…

  • Head to nairaland homepage;
  • Select any related article on the home-page;
  • Click it and reply to it in a very nice and good manner;
  • Your reply should contain words relevant like an addition to the posted content;
  • Include your links like this [url=Ur link] your Keyword [/url].;
  • [url=]Blogging tips & SEO[/url]
  • Submit and you have gotten a pr4 dofollow backlink from nairaland forum;
    How to get PR4 Dofollow Backlink from Nairaland Forum
    And we have successfully gotten a backlink from nairaland, really fast, not stressful and easy to do.


Getting backlinks are really relevant and important, follow good practices, don’t spam and ensure to make it relevant. Get these backlinks from sites related to your niche so that it looks natural to Google. The backlink you have just gotten from nairaland will really imrpove how your website is crawled. To be sincere with you, give it just a week after backlink to your site and check your alexa rank; you will be amazed with your new rank status. In upcoming articles, you will learn how to backlink from twitter, facebook and reddit and Google itself. Really important to your SEO, as getting backlinks from them will give you awesome ranking stats. So have fun for the moment and in the end it is all beneficial to you and your SERPs rankings. 🙂

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