Bale Has Told Giggs He Is StayingBale Has Told Giggs He Is Staying

Bale Has Told Giggs He Is Staying

Bale Has Told Giggs He Is Staying

According to ‘Mirror’, Wales manager, the mythical Ryan Giggs, now knows that Gareth Bale will remain at Los Blancos even at the risk of not playing.

A difficult problem to solve is approaching for Real Madrid with Gareth Bale. The player had already implied through his agent that he wishes to continue two more years and it seems that the idea has not been erased from his mind.

The player plans to claim all the money he has still to earn at Real Madrid if he leaves the club and it seems that with this decision he wants to force his continuity.

According to the ‘Mirror’, Gareth Bale has even reportedly contacted Wales manager, Ryan Giggs, to tell him that he will remain at Real Madrid. He would do so as a warning ahead of the Euros.

If everything continues as it is now, Zidane will hardly count on the attacker, thanks to whom he won titles such as the 2018 Champions League in Kiev. This lack of game time could impact him in the Wales national team, where is an indisputable player for the ex-Manchester United player.

After the lockdown, Bale has only played two matches, none for the full game, and has played a combined total of 100 minutes in both of them. The relationship with Zidane is colder than ever and the gestures from the player from the stand don’t help to improve the situation either.

It’s the sad end of Cristiano Ronaldo’s successor at Real Madrid. A Gareth Bale who, despite having good moments, has been light years away from what the Madrid fans expected with his signing.


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