Coronavirus Has Been An Issue For Segunda DivisiónCoronavirus Has Been An Issue For Segunda División

Coronavirus Has Been An Issue For Segunda División

Coronavirus Has Been An Issue For Segunda División

COVID-19 is a problem all over the world, but the virus has caused many problems in the world of football.

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The Segunda Division was founded in 1929, and currently, it has 22 teams. The teams usually play two times against each other every season – one time at home and once away.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a historic situation across the globe. Sports competitions from almost the whole world have been severely affected by a calamity that has never been recorded in recent years.

An epidemic of positive coronavirus tests in players of second-division clubs has since resulted in chaos in Spanish soccer. This is because Spain is among the countries that have been severely affected by the novel virus.

Though Spain forced a stern lockdown in March, it has been easing restrictions, but they are doing this according to the progress made in every region. The situation is being controlled but the virus seems it will not end soon and thus players and the whole world are trying to adjust and let other activities take place in a calculated way.

In March, between the clubs of Primera Division (La Liga Santander) and Segunda Division [La Liga SmartBank], five positive cases were detected among the players, even though all of them were asymptomatic and in the final stage of the disease.

There could be a problem with Segunda Division players since they could become infected with COVID-19, and one of its players has since been hospitalized this month as a precaution.

Fuenlabrada stated that the anonymous player had felt ill and was taken to hospital in La Coruña in the northwest of Spain. The club spokesman stated that the player, who had earlier tested positive for the novel virus, was not in a serious condition and was just taken to the hospital as a preventative measure.

All the team’s players had been put in quarantine in one hotel in La Coruña, where they had travelled to take part in the final round of the regular season when they detected the outbreak. The Spanish league was forced to cancel the match between Deportivo and Fuenlabrada when they detected the outbreak hours before the match. The outcome of the final round meant that Deportivo was relegated to the third division.

Following the final round of matches, Fuenlabrada were left needing a draw to jump back into sixth place and secure a promotion spot, although La Liga confirmed that the last spot would at that moment would be gifted to sixth-placed Elche.

La Liga stated that given that there was no available date to play the match, it had no other alternative but to call a force majeure and permanently suspend the game, a decision that was accepted by Fuenlabrada. Top-of-the table Cadiz and Huesca won automatic promotion to La Liga. Almeria, Girona, Elche, and Real Zaragoza will play for the final spot.

Players are still testing positive for Coronavirus

Regardless of all the measures that have been taken over the last few months, while the players have not been involved in doing any major training at all, teams have still suffered more players who are testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

It now remains that if the positive cases still increase, it will create a serious risk to Spanish football even though Javier Tebas, the La Liga president, remains hopeful.

Since the number one rule on the spread of the Coronavirus is to avoid going to gatherings or meetings and particularly in public spaces, the sporting events at global, regional, and nationwide levels should be postponed or cancelled. Infections such as the Coronavirus normally spread very quickly in areas like this where many people gather together.

While playing, the players won’t be able to keep distance and might end up contracting the virus from droplets, which could be possibly spread through the air by either sneezing or coughing in the middle of the match.

Giant sports organizations have since shown their unity with the efforts to lessen the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For instance, FIFA has joined forces with the WHO (World Health Organization) and initiated a campaign ‘Pass the message to eliminate Coronavirus’ led by famous football players in thirteen languages.

The campaign is calling on people to follow the five key steps in order to end the spread of the virus that is focused on coughing etiquette, hand washing, not touching the face, physical distancing, and staying home if one does not feel well.

Other global sports and peace and development organizations have already teamed up in support for one another in commonality during this time, for instance, through periodic online communal discussions so as to share the issues and challenges.

Members in those online dialogues have as well wanted to invent innovative solutions to bigger social problems, for instance, through identifying means in which sport organizations can act in response to issues faced by susceptible people who usually take part in sports programs, but who are low earners and who are now not able to given the problems caused by the virus.

Significant issues should be addressed to ensure the safety of sporting events at all levels and the well-being of sporting organizations.

In the short term, these will comprise the adjustment of events to ensure the safety of the athletes, fans, as well as the vendors, amongst others. In the average term, in the face of an expected international downturn, there may as well be a requirement to take measures in order to support partaking in sport organizations, and especially for youth sports.

Although the Spanish league does not say how many club members or players have tested positive by now, the clubs say no one among who tested positive showed the symptoms of COVID-19. The Spanish media had said that Fuenlabrada was anticipated to be apprehended in internment until every person tested negative once more.

Spain, which has been among the hardest-hit countries by the disease, had controlled the virus although several surges of new positive cases have been recently reported. Spanish football remembered the victims of the novel coronavirus pandemic with a minute of silence at all the remaining matches in the 2019-20 season.

La Liga and the RFEF have confirmed that after the return of football, in every professional as well as non-professional competition, a minute of silence will also be held ahead of all the matches in remembrance of those players who have since passed away from COVID-19. COVID-19 infected players can become a problem for Segunda Division.


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