Messi “Is Perfect” And Is Impressed With Luis SuárezMessi “Is Perfect” And Is Impressed With Luis Suárez

Messi “Is Perfect” And Is Impressed With Luis Suárez

Messi “Is Perfect” And Is Impressed With Luis Suárez

The Barcelona manager is calm with Leo Messi’s progress and sees him playing in the restart against Mallorca.

In addition, he believes Luis Suarez is doing “better than we expected” and could even put him in the starting line-up.

Quique Setién was one of the big attractions of the new Sunday edition of ‘El Partidazo de Movistar’. Interviewed on ‘#Vamos’, the Cantabrian coach turned off any alarm with Leo Messi’s muscular complaints and said he was amazed at Luis Suárez’s physical condition.

“Messi is perfect and will not have problems to play. It is a contracture without major importance and we have controlled in another way,” said the Cantabrian.

About Luis Suarez, who already has the medical discharge, the coach is considering wether he should put him on the starling line-up against Mallorca, or wether he will wait until the second half.

“That’s the doubt we have. The truth is that he is doing well. He has accumulated training load, he has arrived in good condition. He is much better than we expected. The doubt is that after an operation there is always uncertainty. We will see this week if he will be there for the start or during the match”, he said.

In addition, Setién does not consider any special treatment with Messi in these weeks and threw balls out about whether the Argentine will be able to play all the minutes of play in the rest of the season.

“Like any other footballer. You have to know the needs we have, the circumstances that will be given. But I prefer to have Messi always on the field, then we’ll see what happens,” he said of that management.


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