Download The Latest Version of Whatsapp That Allows You To Quote Messages


Whatsapp is really doing everything possible to make sure they standout to beat any Messenger app. Whatsapp has been adding exciting features to it messenger recently. And now, you can Quote message, Star message, Delete message, Copy and Forward message in the latest version of Whatsapp.

To Quote a message, kindly tap and hold a message, be it in Group, personal conversation, images or media. You will see a Reply button at the top of the screen among the different options to delete and star and forward. Tap any option or the quote button and the quoted message will be displayed as a preview on top of the text entry box where you can add your reply/message.

After you reply the message, you will see your reply with the original quoted message on top of your reply along with the sender’s color defined




This feature will be so cool in group chats where each participant gets a specific color. Anyone in the group can quote a message of any participant and this will make everyone know who exactly someone is referring to. Isn’t that a welcome development? Though this latest version of Whatsapp has been on since last month, May 2016. But we are still sitting tight for Whatsapp video calling feature. Cos that’s the most anticipated feature everyone is waiting for.


Kindly update your whatsapp via Google playstore or download it HERE

Download The Latest Version of Whatsapp That Allows You To Quote Messages

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