Are You A Geek Or Wanna-be? Here Are Some Android Apps For You!

Hello waparz, I have something here for the geeks. Not for geeks alone anyway. Wanna-bes can also find this resource useful.

It’s for the Android guys though. My simple collection here is going to help you advance further in things related to… What makes someone a geek. Lols.

Am sure you’ll like it when you start using them.

Top Android apps for Geeks!

Amazing Computer Geek Facts
Specially designed app for the computer geeks which provides the users with great facts regarding the computer knowledge. All this knowledge is passed on to the users in a amazing UI which therefore makes it an interesting way to learn more and more regarding the computer.

Computer Software Dictionary
As the name of the app suggests, it have a list of all those computer related terms which the users should know about and this app also provides up the slight information for each of the term. Just install this up and know about every term related to the computer which will definitely help you follow up the computer more and more.

Computer Networking Concepts
There are many chapter inside this app which all tend to provide up the user all the information regarding the networking concepts of computer. By using up the information from this app one can easily learn up more advance things about the computer and therefore get up more rich of the knowledge about it.


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