Huawei launches HarmonyOS, a Perfect Replacement for Android

Huawei launches HarmonyOS, a Perfect Replacement for Android

The long awaited HarmonyOS has been announced as Huawei kicked off its annual developer conference today. In China, it will be known as HongmengOS.

According to Huawei, the operating system can be used in everything from smartphones to smart speakers and internet-of-things devices like sensors. The platform supports RAM sizes ranging from kilobytes to gigabytes.


The operating system will support a range of apps, specifically noting that HTML5, Linux, and Android apps will be compatible. Meaning you’ll be able to run these specific apps on HarmonyOS in the future.

HarmonyOS is ready to run on phones, but “for the consideration of partnership and ecosystem” Huawei won’t be using it on phones just yet. Yu did say, though, that if the company isn’t able to use Google’s Android operating system, HarmonyOS is ready to go.

HarmonyOS like Android, will be an open source. That means developers can take HarmonyOS and modify it for their hardware, a feature which has formed the foundation of Android’s success.

The first product to use the new platform will be the Honor Vision TV set, which will be launched in China tomorrow (August 10).

Now Huawei have the choice to switch from Android anytime, any day with ease. The story is still developing, so we’ll keep you updated.


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