RIA Money Transfer allow you to send and receive money in Nigeria

RIA Money Transfer allow you to send and receive money in Nigeria

Welcome to Ria Money Transfer Nigeria, they allow you to transfer huge sum of money internationally. You can send money and receive money internationally. They have good customer care service, as they are popularly known for their easy and fast method of transferring and receiving cash.

Ria Money Transfer gives you the opportunity of sending payment online, and the transaction fee as low as $0, which is just free. The company also has over more than 377,000 locations in 149 countries, which is almost around the world, including Nigeria also.

It is welcoming to know that Nigeria banks such as Diamond Bank, First Bank, Access Bank, Skye Bank and Ecobank represent RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria. So RIA Money Transfer Nigeria is among the best platform to send and receive money in the country.

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About RIA Money Transfer

For starters, RIA Money is the third largest money transfer service in the world. It is quite unbelievable that this company has over more than 377,000 locations in 149 countries, and it is still counting/increasing every year.

According to Wiki, Ria Money Transfer is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. which specializes in money remittances. Ria initiates transfers through a network of agents and company-owned stores located throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and online.

Anyways, the service is not only known for sending and receiving money internationally. They also engaged in bill payments, mobile recharge, debit card services, money orders and tracking. Well, RIA Money Transfer Nigeria might just be your next bus stop.

While the service is free to send money to Nigeria, you can also earn some cash from the company by bringing people to system. All you have to do is t tell a friend about Ria and get $20!

They boast of more than 1 billion transfers securely sent, with over 30 years of experience in the industry and the backing of Euronet, they ensure that your money is safe.

How to send money to Nigeria with Ria Money Transfer

Don’t be surprised that with RIA Money Transfer, you can enjoy the convenience of sending money from abroad directly to a Nigerian bank account, and it will arrive in Naira. Allowing the recipient to withdraw the money and use it effectively.

1. Register or Sign-up on Ria Money Transfer

2. Go to Ria Money Transfer to Nigeria Portal

2. Enter how much money you want to send

3. Enter your recipient details.

4. Choose either bank account, debit or credit card

5. Take a look at the details and confirm

6. After the confirmation and Tap SEND!

Please note that, Ria money transfer current exchange rate is 1.00 USD = 353.4025 NGN, which is just N4+ deduction from the normal 1 dollar + N358, dollar to Nigeria.

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How to receive RIA money transfer in Nigeria

Understand that RIA money transfer Nigeria service is available to both bank account holders and walk-in-customers who are above 18 years. It is very simple to withdraw your cash, and you must ask the sender for the PIN.

1. Visit any Ria near me location or a bank

2. Provide the following:

a. 11-digit PIN
b. Expected Amount
c. Sender’s name and address
d. Receiver’s name, address, and phone number.

3. Provide Acceptable means of identification

a. Nigerian International Passport/Foreign Passport
b. Driver’s License
c. Permanent Voters card
d. National Identity Card
e. Verified BVN.

You can visit any RIA Money transfer center to withdraw your cash everyday including weekends and public holidays from the hours of 10am – 3pm.

Please understand that as a Nigerian, you can’t send money to someone outside the country using RIA Money Transfer. Only inbound transfer into the country is currently accepted.

Feature of RIA Money Transfer Nigeria

1. The service is Fast

2. It is also secure to use

3. They are reliable and trusted

4. Your funds can be received as cash or directly into account.

5. Payout in over 750 branches

6. Online transfers for the US corridor only

7. Affordable charges

8. Ria customers don’t need to identify themselves.

RIA is an international Money Transfer service that allow customers receive funds across the counter or directly into beneficiary’s local bank account. You can even track the payment until its reaches your local bank account.


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