Safaricom Set To Launch A Music Streaming Service In July

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Safaricom Set To Launch A Music Streaming Service In July

1. Safaricom will launch a music streaming app in July. And if it is not called MP3sa, then our world is truly unruly, and I’ll be a little bit disappointed. But one thing that’s certain and not based on my horrible naming skills is the fact it will be a platform for local artistes to personally upload their music on and sell. Ideally, this means that purchases will be made through Mpesa. Link

+ ICYMI: Safaricom is also repositioning itself from a telecom brand to a platform focused on building a “more human network” (whatever that means). Link

2. What’s that about Interswitch Group and SimbaPay? We are hearing (unconfirmed) reports that, in the spirit of interoperability, the two have signed a deal to allow SimbaPay users abroad to transfer money directly to Interswitch users in Africa, which can be accessed on any ATM or e-wallet on Interswitch’s network. Link

+ Related: Even though it is cheaper today (by 22%) to send money to Africa than it was in 2011, Africa’s remittance transaction costs are still higher than the global average. Link

3. Mobile broadband connections in Africa are expected to grow threefold between now and 2022, according to the new Ericsson Mobility report. Also, at present, the average internet user in Africa consumes 1GB per month, but that number is expected to rise to 8.2GB by 2022. Link

4. What’s that sound? JavaScript jingle bells. Nigerian developers, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Chris Nwamba, will be sponsoring 20 (aspiring) Nigerian developers to take Wes Bos’ React and Node courses with lifetime access. So, if you’re interested, fill this form.


+ MainOne’s new service for carriers, enterprises, and ISPs. Link

+ Calls for Naspers to unbundle Tencent. Link

+ Jeremy Johnson spoke to CNBC on the future of tech. Link

+ Kenya’s genius policymakers are taking a break from banning gay content on TV and scrutinizing Netflix, to confiscate…containers of sex toys. Link

+ Tanzania’s government has imposed a two-year ban on a weekly newspaper, Mawio, including its online content. Link

+ Here’s a map of tech hubs and incubators in Africa. Link

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Safaricom Set To Launch A Music Streaming Service In July


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