How send automated Whatsapp messages using Tasker


How send automated Whatsapp messages using Tasker

How send automated Whatsapp messages using Tasker


How send automated Whatsapp messages using Tasker

whatsapp saves messages in to a database file, with these tasker tasks, we write directly into the database with a shell command and the sqlite binary (in this case the one that comes with titanium backup, many other apps have the same binary included). the tasker task kills whatsapp so it will restart and reload the database, it will find a new entry and send the new message.

For a long time, I was looking the way to send automated Whatsapp messages using Tasker. Some days ago, I read a blog with the steps to run a Python Script (on Linux), and gave me the idea to test it on my HTC One using SL4A

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so here is how to do it.

Credit goes To  BoxBunny and The Applygist Team

I’m using a new method to send Whatsapp messages with tasker ..

You only need:
2) Sqlite
3) Tasker

Tho send a Whatsapp message, you have to perform this Task with 2 parameters:

1) Phone . Formatted like this :
58[email protected] (single contact)
58[email protected] (group chat)

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2) Text to send.

Note: Previosuly you need to fill the variable %Sqlite3 with the full path of sqlite ..
Example if you use Titanium Backup: /data/data/com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup/files/sqlite3

How send automated Whatsapp messages using Tasker

Send Whatsapp (192)
A1: Variable Set [ Name:%phone To:%par1 Do Maths:eek:ff Append:eek:ff ]
A2: Variable Set [ Name:%data To:%par2 Do Maths:eek:ff Append:eek:ff ]
A3: Variable Add [ Name:%Cont Value:1 Wrap Around:8 ]
A4: Variable Search Replace [ Variable:%phone Search:* Ignore Case:eek:ff Multi-Line:eek:ff One Match Only:eek:ff Store Matches In: Replace Matches:eek:n Replace With: ]
A5: Variable Set [ Name:%key_id To:%TIMES-%Cont Do Maths:eek:ff Append:eek:ff ]
A6: Run Shell [ Command:%Sqlite3 /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases/msgstore.db “INSERT INTO messages (key_remote_jid, key_from_me, key_id,status, needs_push, data, timestamp, media_url, media_mime_type, media_wa_type, media_size, media_name, latitude, longitude, thumb_image, remote_resource, received_timestamp, send_timestamp, receipt_server_timestamp, receipt_device_timestamp, raw_data, media_hash, recipient_count, media_duration, origin) VALUES (‘%phone’,1,’%key_id’,0,0,’%data’,%TIMEMS,”,”,’0 ‘,0,”,0.0,0.0,’ ‘,”,%TIMEMS,-1,-1,-1,0,”,0,0,0);
update chat_list set message_table_id = (select max(messages._id) from messages) where chat_list.key_remote_jid = ‘%phone’ ; ” Timeout (Seconds):0 Use Root:eek:n Store Output In: Store Errors In: Store Result In: Continue Task After Error:eek:n ]
A7: Kill App [ App:WhatsApp Use Root:eek:n Continue Task After Error:eek:n ]

How send automated Whatsapp messages using Tasker

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