Software Burning Tutorial


The Basics:
Most, if not all companies today place copy-protections on there CDs to prevent the making of illegal copys. It is illegal to copy software to give or sell to others, but it is not illegal for you to make backups of the software you own.

This guide will show how to use the program and tools out there on the web today to crack copy protection and make successful copies of the software you own.

The Protections:
There are many kinds of protections used on todays software. The most common are CD Checks, SafeDisc, SecuRom, Illegal TOC, OverSized/OverBurn CD’s, LaserLock, ProtectCD, DiscGuard, CD-Cops, FADE, StarForce, SafeDisc 2, SecuRom Trigger Functions.

To break a copy protection you must know what copy protection software the CD is using.
A simple way of do that is to download clonyXL (271kb)
After you reach the link click on mirror #1 because none of the other mirrors work.
After you have downloaded clonyXL, you will need Daemon Tools (476kb)
Again click on mirror #1 because none of the others work.

What does Daemon Tools do?
In simple, Daemoon Tools is a program that will tell the CD drive to ignore any try to stop the copying process.

Now we need the burning program:
The program you are using right now to copy CDs is probably not the most suitable for the job. I would recommend CloneCD. You should be able to download a copy at there homepage at . It will be a trial version but you should be able to find a crack for it in Kazaa.

Now that you have all 3 programs downloaded, install them.

After the installation, place the software CD into the reading drive. Then open up clonyXL which should be named clony.exe. After you have it open, select the drive you want clony to scan. Then click the Scan CD button.

It will go through the scan and the type of copy protection the software is using.

Next click on CloneCD. The first time you run it you will need to select where the software CloneCD is located. After that a window will pop up telling you what necessarily changes must be made when you get into CloneCD. Remember these directions and click OK.

CloneCD should now startup.

Now its time for a Daemon Tools check. Makc sur that daemon tools is running in your system tray. It doesn’t show up at a window or anything because it runs in the background. If its not running in your system tray locate the folder daemon tools was installed in and double click on the appication. You should now be seeing the daemon tools icon in your system tray.

Now back to CloneCD.

Once it opens, it will tell you to order it, just click cancel.

Click on the copy CD icon which is the 3rd one to the right.

Then click on the reading drive then click next.

At the next window make a selection on what kind of software it is and click next.

Make sure you enter a blank CD into the CD-writer and click next

Now at the window set the speed to whatever ClonyXL told you to set it to. Select the type of software you are burning and click next

Now it should be copying.

Depending on your hardware the CD, may not be a full working version. But, no matter if its a full working version or not the copy of the software will still install.

You might notice that when you try to open up the software with the copied CD. It still says that you need to enter the Original CD into the CD-drive.

But, not to worry thats what cracks are for.

Cracks – A program or .exe fix that will make the program run with out a CD.

Go download the crack you need at Kazaa ( you should know what Kazaa is ) or go to google and put a search out for it. It might take a while of searching but you will be able to find it sooner or later.

Software Burning Tutorial

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