How To Tether Internet VPN Connection To PC

For those of you still finding it difficult to share your Airtel VPN, Psiphon handler, Tweakware VPN, TweakMod, TweakRed, Psiphon A+ Black, QueenCee VPN, Reality VPN or other VPN connections to PC or other devices then this post is for you. You might be wondering how to tether your phone internet VPN connection to your PC.
tether your phone

VPN connections are meant to be private network because it help to hide your identity online and it even help in bypassing ISP firewall but sharing this kind of connection to PC or other friends device might seems not possible because it wouldn’t browse on the other person device but don’t worry, to every problem that’s a solution. You might be able to connect your smartphone mobile hotspot to PC, but i tell you definitely, your PC internet won’t browse.

Here in this post I have three different apps which you can use to tether your phone internet Vpn connection to your PC via Hotspot (smartphone mobile hotspot) or USB. Kindly read the below post carefully because that’s where the real game is.

How To Share Your Psiphon, Tweakware Or Other VPN To PC Or Other Devices


TetherNet helps to tether your phone VPN connection such as Psiphon, Tweakware, OpenVpn, Netloop or other VPN you can think of, TetherNet will fix your connection and after fixing it then you will be able to use your connection with your PC or other device. TetherNet works on rooted device, so if you have unrooted device then you need to root your device before you can enjoy this App.

How Does TetherNet Works?

 Download TetherNet HERE  or search it on Google Play

✔  Launch It and make sure that VPN is connected before you launch the app
✔  Enable hotspot on your Android device and make sure that your PC wireless is connected to your Hotspot
✔  Open your TetherNet app and click on SHARE VPN CONNECTION
After that, your PC will start to browse and other device connected to your hotspot will start browsing. You have successfully tether your phone internet connection to PC.

Df Tethering Fix

DF Tethering Fix had been around for quite long time now and I’m sure that you would have meet this app before but if Df tethering fix is new to you, then let me briefly tell you what Df tethering Fix is capable of doing.

Df tethering fix remove the limitation of the tethering imposed by android and let you use your mobile VPN connection via Hotpots to other device. Just like TetherNet, you need to have rooted device before you can use this app.

How DF Tethering Fix Works

Download DF Tethering Fix app HERE  on your android device.

✔ Launch and Connect your Psiphon orTweakware Mod
✔  Enable hotspot on your Android smartphone.
✔  Launch the Df Tetheringfix and Click on FIX TETHERING until Tethering Fixed show up

That’s all, Then start Blazing on the Other Devices


PdaNet+ is another amazing software app that helps tether your phone internet connection to PC via USB cable or smartphone mobile hotspot. PdaNet+ works on both rooted device and unrooted device. So if you are scare of rooting your device then don’t worry, PdaNet+ is there for you.

How PdaNet+ Works

Download PdaNET+ HERE

✔  Extract PdaNET+ for android, PdaNET+ for PC and FoxFi Key (Unzip and open the Zip file you download above)

How To Tether Internet VPN Connection To PC

✔  Install FoxFi Key on your phone to crack PdaNet+
✔  Install PdaNET+ for android device on your phone
✔  Launch PdaNET+ on your phone and Activate USB TETHER

How To Tether Internet VPN Connection To PC

Note: Make sure you enable USB debugging

>>Now install PdaNET+ for PC on your PC
>>Connect your mobile device via USB cable to your PC

Note: Make sure your Vpn’s software such as Psiphon, openVpn, Tweakware or JWP is already connected on your mobile device.

>>Now open the PdaNET+ on your Pc click “connect internet”, it will verify and authenticate your connection and it will show connected.

How To Tether Internet VPN Connection To PC
How To Tether Internet VPN Connection To PC



Finally Realwaparz viewers, you can now successfully share your VPN’S connection to your PC or other devices.

If you still don’t understand then drop the issues you are still facing while using any of the above apps.


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