Dstv Sms Codes For Nigerians – Complete List Of Commands For 30333

Yap, they are the best in Nigeria at what they do… DSTV Africa! They were also among the first to provide Nigerians with digital satelite TV.
Ever saw 30333 but didn’t know what it’s meant for?

What is DSTV
you are looking for a formal definition of the company’s activities, this can serve as one.

From wikipedia

But that’s it for what they do. In this thread, i want to tackle one of the major problems people encounter when using their DSTV decoder. They are of different types actually, countless maybe but the most common ones include the use of Codes.
Most times, they are simply difficult to memorize the DSTV dialing codes so i wanna make this thread to provide you with a resource from where you can always grab any code needed for any purpose.

In the past, there were no codes for DSTV users and as you will expect, it was much difficult handling even the simplest of issues but Dstv sms service code was introduced to ease things up and help them do more in less time.

Basically, these codes are sent via SMS to a designated service number which differs for each country.

  • This instant access to service can be used to do numerous works on the decoder like,
  • clearing E16 or E 30 Error codes,
  • check your account balance,
  • payment and DSTV subscription processing,
  • smartcard number
  • and also enquires on product which you have activated

So, it essentially does most of the common things for you.
DSTV uses a Smartcard which is more like the ATM that Banks give to you.
Also, the DSTV Smartcards have some digits which is unique to them, also like those on your ATM card. These random digits is your unique identifier and will help you with most processes involving the use of your DSTV decoder.

List of DSTV decoder codes and their uses

1. To check the due date of your Account balance.
Type: Due (smartcard number) to 30333. e.g due 4251678290 to 30333 . you will receive a reply like this. Hi (your name) the amount of balance is due on (date of due).

2. Code to check DSTV Account Balance
If you want to check the balance of your recharge on your Smartcard, simply Send balance (smartcard Number) to 30333. e.g

After sending the message, You will receive a message about your account balance.

3. Last payment processed
Send payment (Smartcard Number) to 30333

4. Clear error codes
From time to time, you may come across some errors and you will be presented with some error codes.
You need to clear those before you can proceed with any operation you are carrying out with your decoder.
To clear these error codes, simply Send

5. Product activated
Products (smartcard Number) to 30333.

The DSTV Android app otherwise known as DSTV Now

There is a way of doing these things without having to send Text messages [i.e without sending messages to “30333”] and it has to do with using the DSTV application for android devices which is free to download from the playstore!

Using the DSTV app
as simple as using the Text message feature or maybe even simpler.

For example, If you want to use the dstv app to check account balance,

  • Install dstv application on your phone
  • select “Nigeria’ during the set up process
  • sign in with your smart card number and phone number
  • tap on “Account”

And there are lots of other activities you can perform on this app.

More coming on this…
Did i miss anything? Sure i did.
Quite a lot of things actually.

If you have any information you wanna share on DSTV, kindly do so with the comment box below



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